calmodulin Database of Macromolecular Movements
with Associated Tools for Flexibility and Geometric Analysis

This describes the motions that occur in proteins and other macromolecules, particularly using movies. Associated with it are a variety of free software tools and servers for structural analysis. (Citation info)

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The database is divided into two sections:
Protein Motions: Manually curated descriptions of conformational changes in hundreds of distinct proteins, with references and movie links.
Movies: Thousands of morphs of transitions between PDB files, viewable through a Java applet or as MPEG or GIF movies. Most of these are submissions to the Morph Server by database users.
Search database:
Morph Server: A web-based tool for generating and animating chemically realistic interpolations between two conformations. Now supports RNA, DNA, and multi-subunit complexes.
We have also developed new servers for analysis of helix interactions and normal modes of protein domains.
Hinge Prediction: The new HingeMaster server predicts hinge locations in single protein structures. The algorithm combines FlexOracle, TLSMD, StoneHinge and NSHP hinge predictors for maximum accuracy .
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