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We have a number of resources available for hinge analysis.

HingeMaster: This server predicts hinge locations in a single protein structure. The algorithm combines FlexOracle, TLSMD, StoneHingeP and NSHP hinge predictors for maximum accuracy.

RigidFinder: This tool performs comparison of two protein conformations with the aim of identifying movable rigid regions.

StoneHinge (currently under construction): A hinge prediction algorithm that performs a network-based analysis of a single protein structure to detect hinge regions. StoneHinge incorporates both ProFlex (which uses the FIRST constraint counting algorithm), and DomDecomp (which uses Gaussian Normal Mode analysis).

TACE Calculates pseudo-torsion angle changes in backbone structures given a pair of conformations.

Notes: The molecular viewer currently being used by MolMovDB is Jmol, which may raise compatibility issues with Chrome and Firefox. We are currently upgrading the viewer to use JSmol, which will be more compatible with standard browsers. Also, for the time being, we are not archiving morphs for long-term storage. Please retrieve your morph result(s) within a few days of job submission. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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