Macromolecular Geometry

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We are interested in the calculation of geometrical quantities associated with macromolecular structures and their motions. These include volumes, surfaces, axes, angles, and distances. Volumes and other quantities related to packing are of particular interest. For instance, one goal is to characterize the special type of atom-to-atom packing that occurs at interfaces, such as those between a protein and water. This analysis is motivated by the work on protein packing begun by Fred Richards a quarter century ago.

Resources and Downloadable Software


  • Selected talks (at
  • "Determination of a screw axis for describing protein motions from a rotation matrix and a translation vector" (1997) (html)
  • "Protein Volume and Surface Area" (1996) (html)
  • Older version of "Protein Volume and Surface Area" (1995) (html)
  • "Methods for the Generation and Analysis of Protein Simulations" (1995) (compressed postscript) (rtf)

Other Resources

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