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MolMovDB and Associated Tools




  • Morph Server: A web-based tool for generating and animating chemically realistic interpolations between two conformations. Now supports RNA, DNA, and multi-subunit complexes.
  • Morph Server FAQ
  • Evolmorph Server: A variation of the Morph Server for morphing between conformations of different but related proteins.
  • Analysis of helix interactions: Tools for interface analysis of interacting helices and a database of membrane proteins.
  • Normal mode analysis: This tool allows the user to upload a query structure (or choose it from the motions database), calculate its lowest frequency Normal Mode, build the movie of this vibration and compare it with the pre-calculated flexibility regions based on either supplied B-factors or multiple structural alignment for the corresponding fold family (for single-domain queries).
  • Hinge Analysis : HingeMaster is a resource for predicting the location of hinges in a protein structure.
  • Conformation Explorer : Resource for predicting the holo structure of a protein, and the protein motion, by providing a trajectory of PDB structures connecting the user input structure to the predicted holo structure.
  • RigidFinder: performs comparison of two protein conformations with the aim of identifying movable rigid regions.

Other Useful Resources



Uploading your movies

  • To upload your movie use the Upload file option under the toolbox menu on the left. Once uploaded you can view your movie under the uploaded movie collection
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