Guidance of refreshing Molmovdb

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Guidance of refreshing Molmovdb

0. Set up your user account on and get access to (setup your login password with MF)

1. Set up Passwordless Login to avoid typing password when doing file updates from gw to MMDB server. For this purpose, you need to generate your RSA private key on your gw, and follow “Passwordless Login” tutorial from GersteinLab Wiki to copy this to MMDB server. For detailed instruction, go to:

2. Have the upgrade files ready from archive:

All files for upgrading purpose need to be placed in the upgrade.

3. Run to rsync the files in upgrade folder into MMDB. Note that at this point MF should have a freeze copy of MMDB from an earlier time spot (roll-back) to replace the broken VM. will automatically replace the corresponded files that need updates with the old ones. The target directory is:

4. Re-do step #3 if MMDB is down again, and re-do step #2 if there is something new that need to be upgraded.

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